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How To Add A Touch Of Patriotism To Your Organic Garden
Patriotic Gardening The organic lifestyle is more popular than ever; in fact, a recent survey found that there are currently a record number of organic farms in the US, and more and more people are starting their own organic vegetable gardens in their backyards. But that isn't all - Americans are just as patriotic as they are organic, especially in Texas, a state that is home to five out of 10 of the most patriotic cities in the US.
If you are a patriot with an organic garden, it is likely that you want it to do more than just function; you probably also want it to look nice! From ensuring that the soil is healthy to using tags to label certain areas, there are a few ways to make your organic garden look great – but if you want, you can even go a step further and add a touch of patriotism to your organic garden by following these tips.
Use The National Emblem
The bald eagle has been the American national symbol since 1787 , and you can easily add the emblem to your organic garden in statue format. There are lots of metal and stone options for you to choose from, and best of all – you can easily find an option that was made in the USA, helping you to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. This will add patriotism to your organic garden; especially if you place the eagle at the front of the garden to welcome guests.
Create A Red, White And Blue Border
You can create a red, white and blue flower border for your organic garden in a few different ways; you can plant the seeds in a pattern, which will look great but does require some skill, or you can mass plant the flowers together to create a pattern. You can even plant the flowers in container boxes and transfer them to the border when they are big enough! Just make sure to buy the flowers locally so that you can support your local economy; a recent study found that for every $100 spent at a local business, nearly $70 stayed in the city. This shows the clear benefits of buying locally, and it also means that your garden is even more patriotic – even if no-one else knows why.
There are lots of little things that you can do make your organic garden more patriotic, and some of these things will even promote sustainability and an organic lifestyle. These options are also very affordable, so anyone can do them – even if you are on a budget.

Article contributed by Cass Wiley

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