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Hotels & Motels

All versions of the Effective Microorganisms® brand (EM•1®) work great as environmentally-safe degreasers and all-purpose cleaners. EM•1® is especially useful as a cleaning or deodorizing agent due to its antioxidant qualities and ability to eat grease.

Effective Microorganisms® brands do not contain any hazardous ingredients and are not hazardous to humans, animals, or plants. Due to NFS certification requirements, we are not recommending the use of Effective Microorganisms® on food preparation surfaces such as counters and cutting boards.

For hotel and home housekeeping, EM•1® applications will first reduce and eliminate odor in carpets, furniture, trash, etc. Second, it is also used to clean windows, mirrors, toilets, tubs, flooring, etc.

Benefits of EM•1®

  • In toilets and tubs EM•1® has an effect on salts that prevents them from binding to other substances, therefore,
    getting rid of the "ring".
  • EM•1® will cut down the use of detergent in laundry, eliminate odor, clean laundry better, and help drainage.
  • In swamp coolers or humidifiers, EM•1® will keep the unit clean, eliminate odors and freshen the air you breath.

Dilution Purpose Rate Frequency
1:10 Odors & Tobacco Smoke
Slightly Moist
Daily or when needed
1:10 Trash Receptacles, Dumpsters and Enclosures
Wet Daily or when needed
1:10 Garbage Disposals
1/4 Cup per unit
Daily at closing
1:50 Kitchen Floor Drain
1/4 Cup per unit
Daily at closing
1:64 Carpets & Mats
Slightly Moist
1-2 times per week
1:64 Urinals 1/4 Cup per unit
Daily at closing
1:64 Metal Stall Base
Wet Spray
Daily at closing
1:64 Kitchen Sinks, Dishwasher, and all Non-Food Prep Areas
Appropriate Amounts
Daily cleanup
1:128 Bathroom Fixtures, Mirrors, Windows
Slightly Moist
Daily cleaning
1:64 Kitchen Floors
1/2-3/4 Cup per mop bucket
Daily mopping
0 Laundry 1/8-1/4 Cup per load
Each load

* For tougher applications, use a higher concentration of EM•1®.
† If excess water from mop bucket is poured down drain, there should be no need for additional applications to the drains.

Dilution should be done as follows:

  • Example: 1 ounce EM•1® to 10 ounces water
  • Store EM•1® at room temperature (55º to 80º degrees F) and out of direct sunlight.
  • Chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, and anti-bacterial soap should be avoided before and after EM•1® use.

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