EM-1 Compost Starter, Concentrate

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Are you looking for a way to turn your organic kitchen scraps and yard waste into nutrient-rich soil conditioner quickly and effectively? Look no further than EM® Compost Activator! This revolutionary microbial liquid concentrate is the ideal solution for any home or commercial composting operation. With a wide range of beneficial bacteria, EM® Compost Activator significantly reduces composting time while effectively managing offensive odors and accelerating beneficial microbial activity.

Creating nutrient-rich soil has never been easier with help from EM® Compost Activator. The product quickly transforms organic materials into soil amendment which binds nutrients and creates plant food. This makes gardening easier and it is perfect for sprucing up your garden beds or using as potting soil for houseplants. Join hundreds of environmentally conscious gardeners who have already taken advantage of this revolutionary product and reap the rewards of producing nutrient-rich compost faster than ever before! Get your EM® Compost Activator today and start creating nutrient-rich soil amendment.

USDA Organic.  32 oz Bottle.


Mix 3 tablespoons to a gallon of water for every cubic foot of materials to be composted and using a watering can or sprayer, water compost as needed.


For reducing compost time, controlling compost odors and increasing beneficial microbial activity.

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Increases Soil Microbial Activity

"...comparing the two compost samples, I think the one with the EM-1 Compost Activator just blew it out of the park. Sample A with the activator definitely has more diversity in terms of the beneficial organisms."

George Debs - Soil Food Web Certified Laboratory Technician

Accelerates Composting Time


Add 3 tablespoons of EM-1 Compost Activator to a gallon of water for every cubic foot of materials to be composted and using a watering can or sprayer, apply as needed.