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Preparing The Best Soil For Vegetable Gardens

bok choi

Grow great tasting, nutrient-rich, veggies and fruits at home with EM•1®Microbial Inoculant. If you’re preparing vegetable garden soil, EM•1® can help make your fruits and vegetables grow as tasty and nutrient-rich as possible. Tomatoes will grow more fruit and taste sweeter, cucumbers will be sweeter, and your apples and potatoes won’t brown as quickly. This is due to the higher amount of antioxidants that the plants absorb because of the

beneficial microbes in the soil. EM•1® helps provide you with the best soil for vegetable garden health.

Whether or not you choose to garden organically, EM•1® is a great tool to use when preparing vegetable garden soil. EM•1® is a safe and effective treatment for improving soil structure, improving nutrient availability, and decreasing fertilizer needs in your garden. EM•1® can be applied using two primary methods, spraying directly on the foliage of the plants, and incorporate into an irrigation or watering system (e.g., drip irrigation). EM•1® is consistently ranked as one of the top soil aberriesmendments for vegetable garden health and growth. EM•1® helps to improve crop and flower quality while minimizing or eliminating many labor intensive steps associated with home gardening such as tillage and pest control. Let EM•1® do the work to create the best soil for your vegetable garden.
If you are looking for ideas of fruits and vegetables to plant for health reasons, please take a look at Living Healthy, Cancer Free's website. They provide list of foods and their benefits.

For helpful tips and guides to using EM Technology®, please click here.

*Photo courtesy of David Dumont, Santa Clara, CA.
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