PRO EM-1, Liquid Probiotic

  • How does Pro EM-1® compare with other probiotics on the market? Why is it better?ere

  • How many bacteria are in it?

  • Will this help me if I have a yeast infection? (Candida albicans)

  • Ingredients

  • Do I refrigerate Pro EM-1®?

  • Is PRO EM-1 Organic

  • Is it Gluten Free

  • Is it Dairy Free

  • Does it have a flavor

  • I do not eat sugars. I am on a low glycemic diet. Can I still take Pro EM-1®?

  • How much Pro EM-1® should I take?

  • Does Pro EM-1® contain any GMO ingredients?

  • Is Pro EM-1® that same as EM-1®?

  • Can I activate Pro EM-1®?


PRO EM-1 Probiotic