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EM-1, Bokashi Products & Probiotic Supplements by TeraGanix
Microbial Inoculants • Septic Tank Enzymes • Soil Conditioner • Composting Products

TeraGanix is proud to provide industry leading solutions for a multitude of needs around your home & garden. Our revolutionary EM-1 & Bokashi products can perform many diverse functions, such as a Soil Conditioner, a Composting Product, an Organic Agriculture Product, Septic Tank Enzyme Treatments & Maintenance Products, Organic Plant Food, and much more. View our categories on the left hand side of our website to discover all of the ways that you can use our EM-1 Product to enhance your life.

Bokashi Bran, Composting Products & more!

Our Bokashi Bran is an industry leading product - and for good reason! The composting solutions that our Bokashi products offer is second to none. Our products have decades of research and fine tuning behind them to help you produce the perfect result for all of your composting and gardening applications. Remember your source for Bokashi products: TeraGanix.

The TeraGanix Story

It has been over 30 years since the introduction of Effective Microorganisms®. Dr. Teruo Higa's discovery of this revolutionary probiotic technology is now used in over 130 countries and is now manufactured in over 75 locations worldwide. EM is a live, NON-GMO cocktail of dozens of microorganisms that is used to improve soils, control odors, digest wastes, clean the environment, and more.

Since he was a boy, farming has always been Dr. Higa's first love. He made a conscious decision to bring EM to the farmer as quickly as possible. Instead of spending decades researching it in a laboratory he thought it was more important to start helping farmers and the environment immediately. Farmers started using EM to inoculate their soils and plants, using it as part of their spraying programs, starting in the early 1980's. They quickly saw positive changes in the soil and their plants. For many farmers they used manures as fertilizers, which often stink. As they spread the manure, they also sprayed it with EM and noticed the odors were gone. This led to spraying livestock holding areas, composting, and cleaning of livestock areas. We are sure it was this usage where some farmers raising livestock noticed spraying everywhere also meant some of the product ended up in the drinking water and feed, essentially leading to a probiotic application for livestock. As the farm continued applying the EM in the animal areas, the wastes would eventually become inoculated with the microbes. Improvements in the barns (less odor, cleaner, calmer animals, etc.) also resulted in cleaner and less odorous waste lagoons and ponds. The next transition likely came from seeing improved livestock after drinking the probiotic and someone along the line decided to start drinking EM. Today we sell Pro EM•1 Probiotic for human consumption.

Microbial Inoculants, Septic Tank Enzymes, Soil Conditioner, Composting Products & more!

Our products incorporate Microbial Inoculants which can be a key player in gardening & composting applications for home gardeners and farmers alike! Our soil conditioners can play a key role in increasing the growth and success of your flower garden or crop. In addition to that, our products contain useful septic tank enzymes to help create a well maintained septic system in your home.

EM is not only a farming product. Many gardeners can reproduce the same results on a smaller scale and repair their soils at home. There are also dozens of uses in the home including food waste recycling, odor control, cleaning, septic treatments, and more. EM is truly a technology that allows you to think globally and act locally.

TeraGanix is the exclusive distributor in the Continental US and Canada for Dr Higa’s Original Authentic Certified EM•1® Effective Microorganisms®. Thanks for visiting!
We DO NOT SHIP TO HAWAII. Hawaii customers click here: EMHAWAII.COM.

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