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TeraGanix is the leading supplier of organic soil amendments and microbial inoculants in the USA and Canada. For over 30 years, we have been helping farmers achieve healthier, more productive crops with our line of organic products.

With EM® Technology, farmers no longer have to choose between sustainability and profitability - they can now quickly revolutionize their agricultural practices without sacrificing crop yields or financial stability. Our solution is transforming food production on a global scale by providing an easy switch from conventional farming methods towards sustainable alternatives!

TeraGanix is the exclusive distributors of EM® Technology products in the USA and Canada.  

What is EM® Technology

EM® is the abbreviation for Effective Microorganisms®, a term coined by its discoverer,  Japanese agricultural scientist and university professor, Prof. Dr. Teruo Higa.

EM·1® is a multi-microbial mixture primarily consisting of lactic acid and phototrophic bacteria, yeast and ferment-active fungi. When this mixture of naturally occurring and non genetically manipulated microorganisms comes into contact with organic materials, the microorganisms produce an abundance of natural substances such as vitamins, organic acids, minerals and various antioxidants

The perfect blend of microorganisms in EM generates powerful regenerative forces, which develop astonishing genetic potential in various environments. Originally viewed as an alternative to using chemical agents in agriculture, today EM is used around the world in the fields of environment, industry and health. EM® technology has been in use around the globe since 1982.


When used in agriculture, EM promotes the rapid reproduction of beneficial microorganisms, a prerequisite for the generation of healthy soil, thus rendering optimal growth conditions for every type of plant. It is therefore possible to reach high crop yields of high-quality plants and fruits. EM creates an excellent microbial balance which contributes to suppressing pathogenic organisms and supporting beneficial organisms.

Animal Husbandry

In the field of animal husbandry, a healthy environment can be created with the use of EM, in particular owing to the reduced usage of antibiotics and chemicals. In addition, EM-fermented organic materials used as a feed supplement contribute to animal health. 

Organic Waste

When treated with EM, instead of putrefying, organic wastes can be transformed into recyclable resources through the fermentation process. This takes effect not only on animal waste, but on domestic waste, compost and sewage as well. Unpleasant and hazardous odors are minimized, if not completely avoided.


In the environmental field, EM can be used to promote the biodiversity in various ecosystems, including water systems. EM expedites the breakdown of sediments, thus also improving the water quality.


In the household, EM can be used like a home remedy for a multitude of areas: from improving room climate to cleaning to treating organic waste. In addition, EM is being put to use successfully as a base for other products such as special cleansers, as a supplement for clays and construction materials, paints and varnishes.


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EM® Has A Regenerative Effect Everywhere It Is Used.