Ca300™ Direct Fed Microbial: Enhancing Cattle Health and Well-Being

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Size: 1 Gallon

Ca300™ is a cutting-edge liquid probiotic solution meticulously crafted for direct feeding to cattle. This versatile product seamlessly integrates into cattle diets through drinking water and feed, providing a convenient and effective means of improving the gut health of your cattle, reducing stress, and mitigating disease risks. As a result, the need for antibiotics and other chemical interventions is significantly reduced.

Key Benefits of Ca300™:

  1. Enhanced Gut Health: Ca300™ promotes improved gut health in cattle, contributing to their overall well-being and resilience.

  2. Stress Reduction: By helping cattle maintain robust digestive systems, Ca300™ aids in reducing stress levels, enhancing their comfort and health.

  3. Disease Mitigation: The probiotics in Ca300™ play a crucial role in bolstering the cattle's immune systems, mitigating disease risks, and supporting a healthier herd.

  4. Reduced Chemical Usage: With the positive impact on cattle health, Ca300™ reduces the reliance on antibiotics and other chemical interventions, aligning with sustainable and responsible farming practices.

Ca300™ is your trusted partner in cattle care, ensuring their health and vitality while reducing the need for chemical interventions. By following the recommended usage instructions, you're not only fostering healthier cattle but also contributing to a more sustainable and ethical approach to cattle farming. Experience the Ca300™ difference and witness the transformation in your cattle's well-being.

Usage Instructions for Drinking Water and Feed:

  • For continuous use, add Ca300™ to the drinking water or feed of cattle at a rate of 1 gallon per 1000 as fed. This simple and hassle-free approach ensures that your cattle receive the benefits consistently.

Usage Instructions for Bottle Feeding:

  • If you're bottle-feeding calves, the recommended dosage is .25 tsp (3 mL) per gallon of milk or formula at the time of feeding. Please note that it's essential not to premix and store the solution. Freshness ensures optimal results.