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EM•1® Septic Tank Microbes: Septic Tank Maintenance Products

  • Effective Septic Tank Odor EliminatorSeptic Tank Treatment with EM•1®
  • Lowers Septic Tank Maintenance Costs
  • Controls Odors From Septic and Sewers
  • Vastly Improves Drainfield Performance
  • Prevents Groundwater Pollution
  • Septic Tank Maintenance Products That Work!

    Standard Anaerobic Septic Systems for Single Family households:

    There has been much debate in the professional arena about the use of inoculants in septic systems for septic tank maintenance and odor control. Many products contain large amounts of fillers and very little active bacteria. Some products work well under certain conditions. As more and more of us continue to use antibiotic soaps, and increase the use of bleach and other disinfectants, and increase the intake of pharmaceuticals, the lifeblood of an onsite treatment system starts to die - the septic tank microbes. As professionals have stated in published journals, "The septic tank is dead. The leaching field is dead and plugged. The only way to revive it is to inoculate it with a strong, live culture of microbes."

    EM•1® septic tank additive improves the typical imbalance caused by over loading, harsh cleaners, detergents, antibiotic soaps, drain cleaners and a wide variety of other materials that make their way into the household on-site waste disposal system.

    EM•1® has shown excellent results for Septic Systems, Buses, Boats, and Portable Toilets.

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    32oz EM-1 Septic Treatment
    1 Quart EM-1 Septic Treatment
    Our Price: $35.00