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EM-1: Used on 5+ million acres worldwide.

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EM-1 Activation Guide

EM-1 Activation Guide

About the Activation of EM-1®

Unlocking the Potential of Biological Products in Agriculture: The EM® Difference

Biological products are at the forefront of revolutionizing agriculture and animal husbandry for a more sustainable future. However, not all biological products are created equal, and understanding the capabilities of the microorganisms within them is essential. These microorganisms must possess the unique abilities to:

  • Survive and Thrive: They must flourish in the specific environment where they are applied.
  • Wake Up and Activate: These microorganisms need to transition from a dormant state to an active, beneficial one.
  • Multiply with Purpose: Proliferation is key to achieving the desired effects.

Unfortunately, many of the biological products available today undergo industrialization using chemical processes and lyophilization (freeze-drying). This manufacturing approach necessitates that all cells within the product go through these three critical stages before they can have any impact when applied.

EM•1®: A Natural Breakthrough

EM•1® emerges as a groundbreaking solution, setting itself apart from all other biological products available in the USA. What makes EM•1® exceptional is its industrialization process, which adheres to natural principles, preserving microorganisms in their innate state.

But EM•1® doesn't stop there; it surpasses these three survival stages, offering an additional, potent benefit—metabolite production, which comprises natural substances supporting life. The secret lies in a simple process of controlled activation.

EM•1® is a microbial concentrate housing dormant microorganisms in their natural state. Activating these microorganisms is effortless. Over the past four decades, EM Research Organization (EMRO) has made substantial global investments in standardizing this activation process. This ensures that every user experiences peak performance and consistency with EM® Technology.

During a  7 day activation period, EM•1® not only reaches its full potential but also becomes 100% free from any potential contamination by other pathogenic microorganisms. This distinction makes EM•1® the safest biological product on the market, earning several distinct certifications, including organic.

In essence, the controlled activation process is pivotal. It bypasses all survival processes of the microorganisms, forming a formidable natural biochemical barrier against pathogenic microbes. Simultaneously, it enriches the solution with potent amino acids essential for the growth of plants, offering a promising path toward a sustainable and thriving agricultural future.

All instructions, directions and recommendations of EM•1® microbial solution are standardized on the process of activating EM•1® concentrate at:

  1. 5% Concentrated EM-1® solution
  2. 5% Molasses
  3. 90% Water

The use of EM-1® outside of this recommendation will result in less than optimal performance and is not the responsibility of TeraGanix or its partners. Please check below for further information on how to activate EM•1®  properly.


Use the table below to determine the quantity needed. 


  1. In a clean container, add 1 part (5%) of EM•1®, and 1 part (5%) of pure molasses, mixed in 18 parts (90%) of clean water. Mix well to form a homogeneous solution. (Purchase EM-1 Activation Kit)
  2. Leave to ferment for 7 days.
  3. Activated EM•1® is ready to use from the 7th day, when the pH of the solution is between 3.2-3.6, or when it has a pleasant bittersweet smell and the color changes from dark brown to orange-brown. To use, dilute at the rate of 1:100 or 1 oz per 1 gallon of water. Do not apply AEM® undiluted.


  • Activated EM•1® should ideally be used within 45 days of activation, after that the effectiveness of the microbes starts to drop. It can be applied by spray or through a pre-established irrigation system. It can be diluted to adapt to the application system such as irrigation tanks, spray tankers or backpack pumps, watering cans.
  • For best results, activate in temperatures equal or greater than 62°F. Activations in temperatures below 62°F will take longer than 7 days to activate, and activation (or storage) below 31°F will freeze and kill microbes (including EM•1®).
  • Always store the Activated EM•1® in a cool protected environment to avoid contact with dust and water.
  • EM•1®-Activated is totally biodegradable and compatible with mineral oils, natural fertilizers, foliar fertilizers and biological agents. Commonly used tackifiers and moisturizers can be used.
  • EM•1®-Activated is not compatible with chlorine, copper products, bactericides and fungicides. In case of having to apply a fungicide or insecticide to the crop, it is recommended to wait at least 4 days to reapply EM•1®-Activated.
  • Dosage rates: *Composting of organic waste: 2 liters of EMA per m3 or Ton., when assembling the pile and when the temperature reaches 60°C. Apply this fertilizer directly in the field at a dose of 1 Kg/m². *Soils and substrates: 20 to 40 liters of EMA per ha., 4 to 8 times per year. *Hydroponics: 1 liter of EMA per 2,000 liters of nutrient solution, once a week in the production cycle.
  • For more information and uses, email



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