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Health Benefits of Structured Water
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Health Benefits of Structured Water

Water is vital for life because it encourages the interaction of human cells with proteins. For a long time, researchers and health-conscious people agreed that pure water was beneficial to our bodies. The belief led to the craze for bottled water and filtration systems to ensure we drank as much pure water as possible.

But is drinking regular or filtered (pure) water enough to promote healthy lifestyles? Why has structured water become all the rage of late? And is it better than pure water?

Proponents of structured water argue that its qualities make it healthier than filtered or tap water. In addition, there are measurable improvements in overall health and body functions in people who drank structured water over those who took natural water.

This article explains structured water and its health benefits. It also looks at creating structured water and the advantages of EM Ceramics with infrared rays for office and household use.


What is Structured Water?
Structured water (sometimes called hexagonal or magnetized water) has an altered structure that forms a hexagonal cluster. Researchers believe that the water molecule cluster shares similarities with water left unpolluted or uncontaminated by human processes or activities.

Structured water forms on a water-loving (or hydrophilic) surface when exposed to light. The visible light spectrum and invisible ultraviolet light can create structured water. However, infrared is the most powerful and efficient light source.

Regular water contains a molecule of hydrogen and two oxygen to form H2O. Still, once structured water forms, it turns to H302, with the extra protons being in the form of hydronium ions. As a result, you get two separate water parts:

  • A hexagonal, honeycomb-shaped H302 lattice with higher viscosity and a negative charge, excluding all solutes – hence the name exclusion zone (EZ)
  • Hydronium ions with a positive charge



Health Benefits of Structure Water

Energized structured water has numerous health benefits to the human body. For example, it promotes cellular healing and optimal functioning of tissues and structures by charging the water molecules within the cells to their optimal level. It also improves the hydration and detoxification processes of the body.

Below are the health benefits of structured water:

1. It’s An Energy Booster

Drinking energized structured water is a great energy source for the body because it recharges your liquid battery. When the body gets sufficiently charged, it optimizes the cellular and metabolic functions as well.

2. Promotes a Healthy Immune System

Structured water supports your immune system in several ways, including promoting optimal bioavailability of nutrients and the hydration of cells. It also makes it easier for your cells to absorb oxygen, resulting in the proper functioning of your systems. Additionally, it aids in preventing toxins in the body that could negatively impact your immune system.

3. Allows Optimal Hydration

Hydration has more to do with how much water your cells absorb than how much water you drink. Therefore, unlike structured water, regular tap or filtered water does not provide optimal hydration.

4. Helps Maintain Your Health

Structured water does not have any contaminants or pollutants, so it’s safe for drinking. Its other health benefits include promoting digestion, eliminating constipation, helping with weight loss and maintenance, and aiding better sleep. Other associated benefits include keeping your skin hydrated, reducing hair fall, stabilizing blood sugar levels, and improving memory and concentration.

5. Helps Blood Flow

Structured water causes flow through hydrophilic tubes. The process explains how blood circulation occurs in the capillaries.

The heart’s pumping action alone is not strong enough to cause the flow of red blood cells through the tiny capillaries. If it did, your body’s blood pressure would be too high. So instead, the capillaries are hydrophilic tubes that require energized structured water for blood flow. The phenomenon explains why infrared saunas and mats aid blood circulation. It is not due to the heat but the infrared light creating hexagonal water.

6. Leads to Tastier Water

Structured water tastes better than pure, tap, or filtered water because its surface tension is lower than tap or filtered water. Additionally, it is smooth, soft, and clean, so it’s absorbed quickly by the body.

Source of Structured Water

New research suggests that structured water exists naturally in the world, in untouched, natural sources such as mountain springs and glacier melts. For example, fresh spring water gets naturally structured due to high pressures in deep aquifers. However, it loses its structure after 30 days of bottling.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices contain EZ water, partly explaining the benefits of juicing beyond the nutritional aspect. Structured water also forms around the gel-soaked chia seeds produce.

How to Create Structured Water

Researchers have realized that it’s possible to create structured water using one of the following ways:

  • Exposing water to infrared or ultraviolet light
  • Magnetizing water in a process called vortexing
  • Exposing water to natural energy and heat, such as sunlight
  • Storing water in gemstone water containers


Exposing Water to Infrared Light and the Use of EM Ceramic Piping

EM ceramic is a high-energy clay that manufacturers ferment with Effective Microorganisms (EM) for human health before firing it, so it contains a lot of positive information. As a result, this makes EM Ceramics well-suited for water revitalization, structuring, and suppression of electromagnetic fields.

EM Ceramics positively impact irrigation and drinking water and water in pipes, ponds, and swimming pools. Other benefits of EM Ceramic piping include:

  • Fewer limescale deposits because of the reduced water clusters
  • Improved water quality because of positive information structure
  • Effective microorganisms positively contribute to human health
  • Revitalizes drinking water in a natural and cost-effective manner

EM Ceramic pipes have several home applications, including general household, kitchen, and bathroom.


How to Get Structured Water

If you wish to change to a healthier lifestyle, you need to be more mindful of the water you drink. Health experts now advise you to take structured water because of its numerous health benefits making it purer and better than natural water.

You can invest in EM ceramics to create a water structuring unit for your home or office. We offer the 35mm pipe that emits far-infrared rays and EM-X Gold Beverage stone.

  • Use EM Ceramic 35mm pipes in large water tanks to help structure the water for home or office use
  • Installed in a PVC sleeve and placed in household or office water lines
  • Add EM-X Beverage stone to your kettle, water jugs, or large bottled water containers

The far-infrared rays the EM Ceramics emits change water’s bond angle and molecule clustering, lowering its surface tension. In turn, this makes it wetter and hydrophilic, allowing it to structure. Also, magnetized water is effective in water clustering and odor control.

Try EM Ceramics today.



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