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Intestinal Benefits of Organic Probiotic Supplements
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Intestinal Benefits of Organic Probiotic Supplements

The human intestinal tract is an extremely intricate internal environment. There are 400 to 500 species of bacteria living in your gut or gastrointestinal (GI) tract alone. Numerous species of bacteria and yeast reside there. They assist with digestion, kill harmful or pathogenic infections, and boost the production of some vitamins and chemical substances required for good health and long life.


Intestinal Flora And Organic Probiotics Keep You Healthy


The organisms that live in our intestines are referred to as intestinal flora. For ideal functioning of the intestinal tract, it must contain only the beneficial species of bacteria and fungal organisms or flora. Intestinal flora, however, are sensitive to sudden changes in environment. In certain conditions, millions of flora will die off. Illness, stress, and antibiotic use can damage this delicate balance of microorganisms.


Since flora find their food by breaking down what we eat, diet is a key factor. Unfortunately, few people eat the proper diet to cater to this need. This means that many people do not have the balance of ideal intestinal flora. The wrong species of bacteria and yeasts in the intestines is called intestinal dysbiosis. A low concentration, or missing flora, allows this other bacteria to multiply in the intestine, hindering the digestion of food. The "bad" flora also produces toxins that are absorbed into the body. Vitamin deficiencies can develop, even if you're eating all the right foods.


Organic Probiotics Fight Bad Bacteria

Probiotics contain the "friendly" organisms and help to restore the beneficial flora that aids in the absorption of food, supports the immune system and contributes to the production of vitamins. Insufficient or imbalanced intestinal flora has been linked to heart disease, allergies and asthma, skin disorders, obesity, IBS, digestive problems, and possible Alzheimer's. Daily probiotic use goes a long way in the fight for good health. It acts as an effective preventative and therapeutic means of the maintaining the proper balance of intestinal flora.


Proper diet, beneficial health habits, and supplementing with probiotics is your best defense. Processed foods and low fiber diets are an invitation to pathogenic bacteria, and allow it to overwhelm the good bacteria. GMOs are found in many processed foods. GMO, or genetically modified foods, are foods produced from organisms that have had specific changes made to their DNA through the means of genetic engineering. Non-organic meat and dairy products often contain antibiotics. GMOs and antibiotics kill off probiotic bacteria, making the addition of probiotic material critical if you eat these types of foods. Diets rich in probiotics have been shown to reverse ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and other inflammations. Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity symptoms can also be minimized through the use of probiotics. A healthy balance of intestinal flora has been shown to help in providing nourishing enzymes that diminish tumor production throughout the body.


Take a preventative and proactive stance against illness and start supplementing your probiotics today!



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