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Probiotics Help Beyond the Gut
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Probiotics Help Beyond the Gut

Where Probiotics Can Help

Probiotics have notably been advertised to help cure a number of tummy troubles and digestive issues, but did you know that their benefits can extend well past your gut? Although most people who take probiotics are taking them for digestive reasons, some people are noticing other benefits they have received as a result of taking probiotic supplements or cleanses. With all the talk of the benefits of probiotics, many scientists are now studying the wide range of probiotics abilities to improve health in different areas of the body. We do know that probiotics help balance the amount of good and bad bacteria in the gut, which helps with a number of digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, absorption and more. The majority of our immune system also lives in our gut, so many people are also experiencing immune support from taking a probiotic supplement. However, with such success in these areas, there is a lot of research going into the ways that probiotics can help balance different parts of your body as well.

Organic Supplement Studies in the Works

Some of the recent claims from probiotic users are that probiotics can help with acne, allergies, diabetes, anxiety, mental clarity, and hormone balancing. Although many of these areas are still being studied, there is a clear connect to the way our gut functions and affects our whole body function. If probiotics can help in a variety of areas, you may seem them being used more widely to treat a variety of health issues across the board. The gut controls the absorption of nutrients, so if you're not getting the nutrients you need, don't you think that this would affect your mental clarity? Many of our hormones are balanced from our guts and the food we eat as well. Ever notice after a junk food binge that you don't feel good, are cranky, and breaking out more than usual? This could definitely be a sign of how the food we eat and how we digest it really affects much more than just our stomachs. With all of these studies in the works, you can certainly expect more uses and benefits for probiotics in the future.

Adding Probiotics to Your Routine

Adding a probiotic to your daily routine is easy! There are a variety of probiotic supplements, foods infused with probiotics and probiotic drinks. Probiotics are easy to find at many grocery stores, health food stores and for purchase online. You'll want to find a probiotic supplement that you can easily work into your daily routine. At Teraganix, we offer our Pro-EM 1 Probiotic for sale on our website! You can try our probiotic cleanse and see how it works for you! You will certainly start to notice the benefits of taking a probiotic once it's been added to your routine. If you think that taking a probiotic will help you, make a plan to start adding probiotics to your diet. Our Pro EM-1 Probiotic is a great place to start!



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