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EM-1: Used on 5+ million acres worldwide.

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Growing Ornamental Plants
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Growing Ornamental Plants

ornamental flowersA lush landscape not only adds value to your home, it can provide a variety of health benefits. Planting, maintaining and enjoying a garden has been proven to increase your overall health.

While planting or maintaining your garden you'll get exercise, vitamin D from the sun and important microorganisms while playing in the soil. Sitting out in the garden or enjoying it from the window can significantly increase mental health and research has shown greenery and flowers instantly improve moods.

In addition, shrubs can provide all-natural barriers and borders while trees provide shade and can decrease energy costs in warm climates. TeraGanix provides all-natural microbial products that can increase the growth of your ornamental plants, increase flowering, and decrease water usage.

lush-gardenHow to Use EM-1® for Lush Garden Beds

Lush blooming flowers start with soil health!

(1) Prepare the soil with lots of organic matter. Use high quality compost free from chemicals and weeds. To ensure you know what's in your compost, consider making your own. It doesn't need to be complicated and we have some great tips. Learn More....

(2) Spray with EM-1®. Spray soil surface until wet with a solution of 1 ounce EM-1® per gallon of water. You can use a hose-end spray and set at 1oz per gallon.

(3) Top Dress with EM® Bokashi. A certified-organic bokashi fertilizer that introduces antioxidants and minerals into your soil and your compost.

(4) Foliar Spray for added Benefits. EM-1® can be used as a foliar spray to increase the microbial benefits on the leaf and flower surface. Apply EM-1® weekly at 1oz per gallon of water on the entire plant. A hose-end sprayer is recommended, but a tank sprayer can be used as well.

Best applied in the morning or evening when plants are no longer in the sun to prevent burns.

(5) Continue to add organic matter or mulch. EM-1® and EM® Bokashi accelerate the breakdown of organic matter. This provides important nutrients to the plant and increases soil health. Be sure to add as needed and re-apply mulch as it breaks down.


How to Use EM-1® For Healthy Trees and Shrubs
(1) Prepare the soil with lots of organic matter.

(2) Apply EM-1® to the soil weekly. Apply a solution of 1oz per gallon of water and apply with a hose-end sprayer to the soil surface until wet. For large yards or orchards, apply 3 gallons of EM-1® per acre weekly. Apply as much as 20-30 gallons total per year.

(3) Top Dress the soil with EM® Bokashi.

(4) Foliar spray with EM-1® for added benefit. This may not be possible for larger trees. For smaller trees and shrubs, use a hose-end sprayer for best results. Apply at a rate of 1oz EM-1® per gallon of water.

(5) Continue to add organic matter or mulch. EM-1® and EM® Bokashi. Trees benefit from mulch, just be sure it is not too thick as that can suffocate the tree and roots.


How to Use EM-1® For Long Lasting Flowers

One of the biggest problems with cut flowers is that they wilt (called shrink in the floral industry). Florists use all kinds of synthetic products to treat and attempt to prevent this from happening. EM-1® is a great way to keep from having to use these chemicals at home, and the flowers will stay fresh longer too.

Just add EM-1® to their water. It will keep the gunk from forming in the water and will also prevent the water from starting to smell, while keeping your cut flowers beautiful and fresh longer.

Extend the bloom time of your favorite cut flowers by adding just 1 teaspoon of EM-1® per gallon of water.



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