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Overwintering Plants & Getting Started Before Spring
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Overwintering Plants & Getting Started Before Spring

What is overwintering?

Overwintering is the process of helping your plants survive through harsh winter conditions. Not all plants are made to withstand the winter weather, especially if you live in an area that experiences freezing temperatures around this time of year. There are a number of different steps you can take to help your plants survive through the winter. This will ensure that your plants will be able to be replanted or will bloom again once spring comes along.
Overwintering can take place in a lot of different ways. Most commonly, people take their plants that have been planted in containers and bring them inside. These kinds of plants can be left in a basement, garage or other protected area. Letting your plants still get exposed to the cold weather is okay, but you don't want to leave them out there in the elements completely unprotected. Some people may even dig up certain plants and bring them inside in a container, and then are able to replant them in the spring time.

Another method of overwintering your plants is simply covering them outdoors. Depending on the type of plant, you may be able to protect it with some burlap, but other types of plants can be covered with natural substances such as leaves. You can simply put wire around your plants, fill the area with leaves or hay, or even cover it in burlap, and it should help protect your plants throughout the winter. These can then be removed in the spring, allowing your plant to flourish naturally under warmer weather. There are many other types of methods for overwintering your plants, make sure to do your research on what type of overwintering will work best for your plants.

How To Transition To Overwintering

Some people who use containers for their plants often start their plants indoors. You can start your container plants indoors, so that when spring comes along, they will be ready to be planted outside. This is a great way to allow your plants time to grow and bloom earlier and last longer throughout the year. If you start your plants indoors, make sure that they are getting a good source of light, as well as the nutrients and water that they will need to succeed when the time comes for them to be placed outdoors. Planting your plants at the right time in the spring is also essential. Make sure you know when is the best time for your plants to be placed outdoors so that they will be able to grow properly when the time comes.

How you can help your garden

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