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EM-1: Used on 5+ million acres worldwide.

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The Many Uses of EM Ceramics
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The Many Uses of EM Ceramics

Mankind and ceramics have an ancient relationship, but the real fruits of our coexistence came about when Effective Microorganism (EM) Ceramics were discovered. People realized that there were many extensive benefits to the practice of adding microorganisms to ceramics before firing.

The effect that EM Ceramics have on the molecular structure of water that it comes into contact with, aids in purifying and softening the taste. EM Ceramics are also used for softening the soil and, odor suppression and preventing sick house syndrome. In this article we aim to cover how EM Ceramics can aid in many areas around the house and help to improve the health and comfort of people who use them.

Let’s dive in and have a look at how EM Ceramics can help improve life around the house!



Water Purification and Softening

Depending on where you live, tap water can be quite harsh and unpalatable. Tap water can contain many different minerals and trace amounts of heavy metals that are not desirable to consume. Water filters can help a bit but they clog and need to be replaced often which makes them a recurring expense that isn’t ideal as a water purification solution.

EM Ceramics, more specifically, EM-X Ceramics have been found to aid in the water purification process. There are both low-temperature and high-temperature EM-X ceramics known as Type S and Type N. The Type S ceramics – the low-temperature type is porous in texture.

This characteristic gives it a great ability to absorb suspended substances. Chemicals such as chlorine can be absorbed by this absorbent Type-S low-temperature EM-X Ceramic, making it an ideal material for incorporating into your drinking water supply system. Don’t forget that this isn’t the only type that helps however – Type N, the high-temperature EM-X Ceramic solution also absorbs.

This particular type, however, is designed to absorb ammonium nitrogen which is a cause of water pollution.
These porous types of EM-X Ceramic are also ideal for baths and wastewater purification, so depending on your home situation they are an indispensable water purification solution. There are other types of EM- X Ceramics that help with water purification and as such, they work in different ways.



Using Far-Infrared Technology to Improve the Taste and Texture of Water

Where porous type EM Ceramics prove useful in the cleansing and purification of both drinking and wastewater, Type K and Pipe 35 EM-X Ceramics are vitrified and have a slightly different effect on the water. These EM Ceramics emit far-infrared rays to activate the water – this softens it and improves its taste and also makes it more ideal for bathing in and cleaning around the house.

These function by making the water clusters smaller. To use these ceramics is actually incredibly simple. Simply store water with a ring of the activated EM Ceramics in them and they will work to purify and restructure the water and to make it softer, tastier and more useful around the house.

Softer water can be used to water plants and won’t leave your bathroom and dishes all scummy and coated in lime or other minerals. There are actually EM –X Ceramics products that are specifically made for drinking water, cooking water and bathing.



Cooking with EM-X Ceramics

Water isn’t the only thing people cook with and it just so happens that water isn’t the only cooking liquid that EM-X Ceramics stand to benefit! Cooking with oil is just as common if not, more common than cooking things in water. Using vegetable oil, tempura oil or cooking oil with ceramics is a great idea, and here’s why:

EM-Ceramics are positively charged with microorganisms before being fired. While this process has an incredible and profound effect on the ceramics, - causing them to emit far-infrared rays and to affect the structure of the water around them, they also cause them to have extremely high anti-oxidization properties, and this is significant for a couple of reasons.

In the case of tap water and water purification purposes, it is important to remember the effect that untreated tap water often has on the body. Unfiltered tap water commonly causes oxidation to increase in the body after it has been consumed, and this is where the microorganisms’ effect on the EM Ceramics and subsequently the end-user come into effect.

The highly antioxidizing effects of the EM Ceramics cause the water not to oxidize in the human body as quickly, which surely must have positive health implications.

Not only do the EM – Ceramics help to purify and soften the water, making for a milder taste, but the far-infrared rays will also make any rice cooked in the water softer and tastier!

In the case of cooking oil, the highly antioxidant properties of the EM Ceramics play a slightly different, yet very practically useful role. They suppress the oxidization of the cooking oil which keeps it fresh for a far longer time than when no EM-X Ceramics are around. Using either a Ringstone for Water, a Pipe 35 or a Type K Ceramics – the same ones used for water purification, the end-user can filter the oil and store it with the EM Ceramics.

Not only do the antioxidant properties of the EM-X Ceramics help to keep the oil fresh – it must be remembered that the far-infrared properties will have some sort of effect, and they do. They actually help to keep cooking times shorter making your kitchen a far more efficient and economical place to cook with oil or water. But the kitchen isn’t the only place in the house where EM and EM-X Ceramics stand to play a role in making life easier and healthier.

Odor Control with EM Ceramics

From stinky old shoes to smelly old cars to taking care of strong smells coming from the cupboards or fridge – EM Ceramics also prove exceptionally useful in keeping the home fresh and clean. Simply place the appropriate product – either an EM Ceramics ring or beads – whichever is found to be the most useful in the area.

For example, if the cupboards are exceptionally strong-smelling from the years spend housing and absorbing powerful spices – try putting a Pipe 35 or Type S EM-X Ceramic ring inside and give a few days for it to work. Another product that works exceptionally well is the For Indoor Use EM Ceramic. Another strategy that works fantastically is when any of the products mentioned above are wrapped in a cloth and placed inside foul-smelling shoes.

It isn’t long before they are restructured by the EM Ceramics to smell great, but that isn’t the only difference that people will notice in their homes. EM Ceramics don’t only suppress foul odors – they actually help to control the humidity in the room and make the quality of the air more comfortable.

If EM Ceramics are able to have such a positive effect on water, oil and the quality of the air, how else can they help around the house?


Taking Advantage of Soil Enhancing Properties
of EM Ceramics Around the House

As the costs of food are always rising many people have taken to the wonderful, relaxing and economically savvy practice of home gardening. Growing your own food and maintaining plants in the household is great for the quality of both the air and the occupants’ lives! It is here that EM Ceramics are once again proving to be exceptionally useful in household applications!

Soil conditioning is one of the top agricultural uses of EM-1, a type of EM-X Ceramic powder that is also useful for soil in or around the house. The ceramic powder actually helps to stabilize the microbiology of the soil through the Effective Microorganisms that it introduces and this isn’t the only place in the home it can be used.

Composting is also boosted through the use of this product and as such completes the circle between plant, person and fertilizer. Adding EM Bokashi to organic waste will also help it to become a higher quality of compost and aid in fertilizing future plants. This, of course, begs the biggest question yet; If EM Ceramics have this effect on the microbiology and nature around them – what can they do for human health?



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