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EM-1: Used on 5+ million acres worldwide.

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Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Industrial Waste Water Treatment

On my trip through Texas last week I had the pleasure of visiting Michael Laws of Ecowerks. Michael is Australian. He is an environmentalist at heart. His industrial wastewater treatment facility, Ecowerks, in Port Arthur, Texas receives industrial wastewater, including oil refinery wastewater by the truckload. Large settling tanks receive the waste and increase the retention time, allowing for separation of the oil from water. The system is designed to capture waste oil and recycle it.

water tank

This state of the art system that Michael designed will take toxic wastewater and bring it to a point of potable water in a very short time. Adorning the main office walls are letters from the US Coast Guard and local city government welcoming Ecowerks and commenting on how environmentally-sound their company is. Ecowerks uses Activated EM•1®, supplied from EM America, in their wastewater treatment process. The AEM•1® helps accelerate the separation of the oil from the water. We plan to do several experiments with Ecowerks to perfect the treatment process and see what else this amazing technology can do.



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