Regenerative Living Kit

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We understand the passion and dedication homesteaders bring to cultivating a sustainable and regenerative lifestyle. That's why we've thoughtfully curated the Ultimate Regenerative Living Kit, designed to empower you to enhance your homesteading practices with ease and efficiency.

This comprehensive kit includes:

  1. 2 Organko Bokashi Composting Buckets: Kickstart your composting journey with our easy-to-use Bokashi buckets. These will transform your kitchen waste into nutrient-rich compost, fueling your garden's growth and vitality.

  2. 2lb Bokashi Bran: Our premium Bokashi Bran is the perfect accelerator for your composting process, ensuring a faster breakdown of organic material while enriching your compost with essential nutrients.

  3. 32oz EM Compost Activator: Supercharge your compost pile with our EM Compost Activator. Its effective microorganisms (EM) technology promotes faster decomposition, reduces odors, and enhances compost quality.

  4. 1 Gallon EM-1 Microbial Inoculant: Dive deeper into regenerative practices with our flagship product, EM-1. It's a versatile solution for improving soil health, boosting plant resilience, and enhancing water quality around your homestead.

  5. 32oz Septic Treatment: Maintain a healthy and efficient septic system with our EM-powered Septic Treatment. It naturally breaks down waste, prevents backups, and reduces odors, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable homestead.

Whether you're a seasoned homesteader or just beginning your journey, our Regenerative Living Kit is tailored to support your goals of creating a more sustainable, productive, and harmonious living environment. Let's embark on this regenerative journey together, one step at a time, for a healthier planet and a flourishing homestead.

Revitalize Your Soil with EM-1® Effective Microorganisms.

Boost microbial activity and nutrient cycling to repair damaged soil and nourish your plants. Say goodbye to compacted soil and hello to improved structure and water absorption. Experience the transformative power of EM-1® soil conditioner today.

  • Promotes healthier root growth
  • Stimulates and maintains overall plant health
  • Enhances nutrient availability for optimal plant growth
  • Fortifies resistance against environmental stressors
  • Naturally loosens compact, clay soils

2 Organko Bokashi Composting Bins

With the Bokashi method you can compost food scraps, meat, small bones and dairy in just 4 - 6 weeks. Once the bucket is full, leave for two weeks without opening and then bury the contents straight into the garden soil. After two more weeks the organic waste will have completely decomposed into nutrient rich compost.

TeraGanix Bokashi EM Premium Bokashi Compost Starter

2lb EM® Bokashi Bran

EM® Bokashi is great for breaking down organic waste in your Bokashi compost bins. Not only does EM® Premium Bokashi kickstart the composting process, but it also creates less CO2 and retains more food waste nutrients—which means higher-quality organic compost for your garden soil.

EM-1® Compost Starter, Concentrate

Increases Soil Microbial Activity

"...comparing the two compost samples, I think the one with the EM-1 Compost Activator just blew it out of the park. Sample A with the activator definitely has more diversity in terms of the beneficial organisms."

George Debs - Soil Food Web Certified Laboratory Technician


EM-1 Septic Treatment controls odor by digesting the waste and organic acids and enzymes neutralise noxious gases, and  break down odors such as hydrogen sulfide.

Chemical free and certified organic. 100% Safe For Aquatic Environments

Use EM-1 Septic Treatment to:

  • Eliminates Odors
  • Digests Solids
  • Digests Grease
  • Breaks Down Proteins
  • Prevents Mounding