Essential Bucket (parts)

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Simplify your composting routine with the 4.4 gallon, Bokashi compost bin.  Made from 75% post-consumer recycled goods, it includes a draining sieve, presser, dosage container, drain cup, spigot, airtight lid, base, complete instruction manual

  • Turn all food scraps into soil nutrients - Easily process virtually any kind of food waste right in your kitchen! Simply scrape food scraps into the compost bin, including small bones, meat and dairy. Then sprinkle a layer of EM® bokashi compost starter over the scraps to start the fermentation process and prevent odors, then close the lid. Repeat after each addition of organic waste.
  • Odor free - Forget expensive filters or charcoal filters; our EM® bokashi bran controls odors  naturally & quickly. Enjoy a virtually odorless indoor composting experience with no mess or fuss!
  • Compost all year round - Don't let winter weather stop you from composting! With our indoor bokashi compost bins you can kickstart the composting process from the comfort of your own home, even when it's freezing outside. No more daily trips to the outdoor composter.