EM-X Ceramic Pipe 35mm (set of 2)

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The ultimate solution for water filtration.

The EM-X Ceramic Pipe 35mm is an innovative product designed to improve the health and taste of your water supply. With advanced ceramic technology, it removes chlorine and other contaminants from your water in just 30 minutes, without the use of awkward filters or chemicals.

This one pipe can efficiently filter up to 55 gallons of water, acting like a natural magnet to attract and cluster molecules for easy removal from the system. The result is cleaner, fresher, and safer water that is free from unpleasant smells and tastes. Installing the EM-X Ceramic Pipe is simple too, as it can fit easily inside any 1 1/4" diameter pipe, making it a convenient addition to your existing water line. It's perfect to use with drinking water, in bath tubs, and for watering plants. 

  • For drinking water
  • In vases to extend the life of cut flowers
  • Fish tanks and aquariums to keep water clean
  • Bath tubs
  • To deodorize. Wrap EM Ceramics in a cloth and place them in shoes deodorize and dehumidify. Put inside the car to absorb odors and produce a clean smell.
  • To preserve deep frying oil
  • Place in the toilet to absorb and remove ammonia.
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How to Use

Use several pieces together in large water tanks to structure the water.

35mm pipe sets can be installed in a PVC sleeve that is placed in a household water line.

We suggest using about 5 sets for a household-sized system.

Emits far-infrared rays

The 35mm pipe emits far-infrared rays which change the bond angle and molecule clustering of water, lowering its surface tension, making it "wetter" and more hydrating, and having other benefits for living organisms.

Remove all the chlorine

Effective in clustering water and controlling odors