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Super Gut Set (Prebiotic and Probiotics)

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Super Charge Your Digestive & Immune System!

The key to supporting immune health everyday is a healthy gut. With the Super Gut Set, Prebiotic and Probiotic combination, your digestive system gets the beneficial bacteria it needs to stay balanced and keep your immune system healthy.

Dr formulate PRO EM-1 liquid probiotic and EM-X Gold prebiotic will support better digestion, help to prevent bloating and weight gain as well as assist your body's natural healing abilities and boost your immune system.

Each bottle contains a 30 day supply. Take daily on their own or with your favorite drink.  Gluten and Lactose free.  Safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. 

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Supercharge Your Immune System.

Backed by medical practitioners, EM-X Gold is a Japanese antioxidant health beverage that helps you stay healthy as you age.  It contains highly active antioxidants as well as 40 vital minerals and bioactive substances that neutralize free radicals and stimulates your body’s own antioxidant enzymes.   

EM-X Gold will help to:

  1. Quickly Cleanse Your Organs: Get Rid of Harmful Substances Faster.
  2. Balance Your Body's Acidity and Alkalinity for Better Health.
  3. Boost Your Immune System: Help Your Body Defend Itself Better.
  4. Natural Joint Pain Relief: EM-X Gold targets inflammation
  5. Become More Resistant to Infections: Fight Off Illnesses More Easily.
  6. Reduce Allergies: Make Allergic Reactions Less Likely.

PRO EM-1® Liquid Probiotic Supplement

The faster, more effective probiotic.

PRO EM-1® Liquid Probiotic utilizes revolutionary Japanese EM Technology® developed by Dr Teruo Higa.  It goes to work fast to rebuild and rebalance your gut. Unlike freeze dried probiotics, PRO EM-1 contains live microbes that are quickly absorbed by the body to help keep you regular, improve nutrient absorption and detoxification. 

When your body absorbs live microbes, they eat the sugars in your system creating the enzymes, vitamins and other compounds need to aid digestion. This process helps support weight loss, boosts the immune system and increases your energy. Guaranteed 6 million live microbes.