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Bokashi Composting Helps Your Garden And Environment
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Bokashi Composting Helps Your Garden And Environment

There are many advantages to composting at home. While you might think it is a difficult process, requiring a big investment, that isn't the case. An easy method of indoor composting, called Bokashi, holds several advantages over traditional bio-digester composting. It is an anaerobic fermentations process, requiring no oxygen. It is only a two-step method, generally doesn't produce bad smells, can be done in small batches, and can be used as a slow-release fertilizer.

Benefits Of Composting

Composting benefits the environment by recycling organic resources that otherwise would make up a considerable proportion of the waste in landfills. This waste can easily be turned into rich organic fertilizer, reducing the need for commercial soil conditioners and fertilizers. By increasing soil organic matter, healthy root structure is promoted, clay soils are lightened, and sandy soils are able to hold more water. This soil attracts and feeds earthworms, protects plants from drought, and reduces water runoff. 

Composting For A Better Environment

You might think organic matter in landfills isn't something to worry about. However, modern waste management methods are an environmental concern. When waste lies stagnant in landfill sites, there is no way for vital oxygen to reach it and encourage the decaying process. The harmful combination of circumstances releases greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change. While some waste is incinerated, this results in vast amounts of carbon dioxide. 

Composting is beneficial for the land. When you compost the waste from your kitchen, it creates a thriving habitat and nutritious provider for a large population of bacteria, bugs, worms, and fungi. What they then leave behind becomes nourishment for plants. There is then no waste. And you'll enjoy a faster growing, greener garden. By mixing it into your flower bed and vegetable garden planting areas, soil properties will be greatly improved. 

What Makes Bokashi Composting Easier?

So why Bokashi composting? For one thing, you can compost almost anything. If you can eat it, you can add it to the mix. Coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells, dairy and meat, and nearly everything in your refrigerator is possible fodder. The process is also extremely easy. There is little investment. You can purchase a complete system, or make your own. All you really need is the Bokashi mix, a couple of pails with lids, and some form of plate to add weight and eliminate oxygen. The process in the bucket, once it is full, takes only about two weeks. This mixture is then buried in the garden in a twelve to eighteen inch deep hole. Another two to four weeks is required before the finished product is ready to be used. You'll then have a supply of slow-release fertilizer which will help your garden soil to hold moisture and grow strong, healthy plants.



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