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EM-1: Used on 5+ million acres worldwide.

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Creating an eco-friendly home and garden with EM®
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Creating an eco-friendly home and garden with EM®

Environmentally Friendly Living:
From gardening to cleaning products we cover everything you need to know.


EM Technology® is all about creating products that benefit the environment, increase human and animal health, and provide chemical-free options for gardens, crops, cleaning, and composting. Our entire eco-system depends on beneficial microorganisms. From our gut to our soil, microorganisms run the show. When you use the power of beneficial microorganisms in your daily life, you can rid yourself of harsh chemicals and increase your overall health as well as the health of the environment.

EM Technology® and TeraGanix provide a variety of ways to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

It's no secret that TeraGanix and EM® is all about soil and plant health. When we focus on soil health, high-quality organic inputs, and beneficial microorganisms we can usually rid our garden of chemical inputs. Herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers kill the beneficial organisms in the soil and generally end up leaching into ground water and waterways.


Grow your yard and garden organically by adding EM® Bokashi and EM-1®. The dynamic duo adds high populations of beneficial microorganisms into the soil, breaking down organic matter and cycling nutrients into plant available forms. In addition, the soil will regain its natural balance and be self-purifying from common disease and pests.






APC500™ contains ingredients with natural antibiotic antipathogenic properties. It can cut through grease, neutralize odors, and its safe on every surface. The original doesn't have any added scent and simply smells like mild apple cider vinegar, however adding your favorite essential oil once diluted is a great way to add a fragrance.

APC500™ can be used in a variety of ways in your home;

  • All Purpose Spray for dusting
  • Laundry Soap
  • Added into your shampoo and conditioner
  • Hand Wash
  • Carpet Cleaner
  • Plant Wash (dust off indoor leaves)

Food waste recycling is a great way to decrease your contribution on landfills while providing your garden soil with nutrient-rich composting material. By using our new composting buckets and EM® Bokashi, material is fermented without any foul odors and can even be kept indoors on the counter or under the sink.

Made of environmentally friendly, recycled material it's the perfect addition to an eco-friendly life. Food waste of any kind is put into the bucket and layered with EM® Bokashi until full. Once full, simply let the sealed bucket ferment for 2 weeks. The fermented pre-compost can then be buried in your garden or added to your compost pile to further decompose.



After fermentation, the contents will not be completely decomposed and will still resemble the original food waste. This nutrient-packed organic material will feed soil organisms and increase your soil health. When decomposing the material, beneficial microorganisms will cycle the nutrients and produce compounds that bind (or glue) the soil aggregates together. In addition, microorganisms and other larger organisms create pores for increased water infiltration.

The liquid created during fermentation can also be used throughout the fermentation process to create a nutrient-rich plant fertilizer or drain cleaner.

  • Dilute the juice at 1:100 with water to apply as a foliar or soil conditioner for plants.
  • Use without dilution to pour down your drains and unclog buildup.

Using our compost accelerator or EM® Bokashi you add beneficial microorganisms that work to ferment the waste in the compost. This speeds up the breakdown process while producing a more nutrient-rich finished product. Research shows the use of EM-1® on composting piles increases C:N ratio and decreases pathogenic bacteria.


Compost treated with activated EM-1® produces rich amino acids and polysaccharides. These compounds are directly absorbed by plants. Under normal composting circumstances, cellulose is decomposed and broken down to form carbon dioxide. However, with the microorganisms in activated EM-1®, polysaccharides are produced and absorbed by the microorganisms.

Adding EM-1® increases the air flow in the pile and increases the aerobic microbe populations. This means more air will be available with less turning and less work. Add 10oz of activated EM-1® for every cubic foot of material (or 90 oz for a cubic yard). This can be applied to the pile each time you add new material.


EM® products are composed of naturally-derived microorganisms, which are safe and eco-friendly. None of our products ever pollute whether they are used on soil, down drains, or in aquatic environments. In fact, when using EM products in cleaning, you aid in helping the environment by adding the microbes to that environment.

If you happen to be on a septic system in your home, you benefit from using APC500™ and other EM® products. The beneficial microbes digest and deodorize your tank without chemicals. This can safe you money by keeping lines clean and decreasing the need for repairs.



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