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5 Reasons to Switch Your Dental Routine
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5 Reasons to Switch Your Dental Routine

5 Reasons to Switch Your Dental Routine
Oral health is important and can effect everyday aspects such as our health, our immune system and our confidence. It is important to take care of our teeth as problems with our mouths can affect the rest of the body. Just like our digestive system, bacteria keep the oral cavity healthy and free from harmful bacteria. There are many reasons to switch your dental routine to an all-natural alternative.


1. Decreases your exposure to chemicals
Society is increasingly becoming aware of the issues associated with chemicals, additives and artificial ingredients in so many of our daily products. Toothpaste and mouthwash are two products generally full of parabens, alcohol and fluoride along with artificial mint flavors. Dr. Don's is free from any chemicals or artificial ingredients and instead uses the same beneficial microorganisms already in your mouth and body.

2. Aids in Reducing Sensitivity
Many popular toothpastes make tooth and gum sensitivity worse. This is because they can wear down the natural protective layers of your teeth. Minerals are needed to increase your tooth enamel and most toothpaste do no provide them. Dr. Don's tooth powder and oral rinse can actually help sensitivity by giving your teeth vitamins and minerals produced by beneficial microorganisms. This decreases sensitivity and bleeding.

3. Increases the Beneficial Microbes in Your Mouth
Dr. Don's works with the saliva in your mouth to increase healthy bacteria and get rid of any harmful bacteria. Your oral cavity is its own ecosystem of bacteria with over 700 species in the mouth alone. One important species is Lactobacillus because of its natural antibiotic properties. Just as Lactobacillus can reduce the populations of pathogens in your gut as well as the soil, it works to rid your mouth of nonbeneficial microorganisms.


4. It's Great for Kids
Kids are tricky when it comes to oral health. They generally can't tolerate the strong mint and kids toothpastes are full of artificial flavors like bubble gum or sparkly raspberry. Dr. Don's is made with a light berry flavor from natural elderberry, tart cherry and cranberry. They also tend to swallow much of the toothpaste and using Dr. Don's ensures they are simply ingesting all natural products and not harsh chemicals.

5. Powders are More Beneficial
Much like your dentist uses when you get your teeth cleaned at your bi-yearly appointment. Toothpowder can provide a variety of benefits over paste. Generally powders contain minerals very beneficial to your teeth and the coarse texture helps imbed these minerals into pores. Powders can also help take off yellow plaque, naturally whitening teeth.

All-Natural Ingredients You Can Trust
Dr. Don's Antioxidant Tooth Powder

  • Cassava Root Powder
  • Volcanic Pink Clay
  • Organic Quartz Mulite (EM Ceramic Powder)
  • Elderberry Powder
  • Tart Cherry Powder
  • Cranberry Powder
  • Vanilla Powder
  • Xylitol
  • Menthol Crystals

Dr. Don's Oral Rinse Ingredients

  • Mineralized Water
  • Probiotic Enzymes (EM-1)
  • Concentrated Elderberry Extract
  • Lemon Juice
  • Spearmint Oil
  • Menthol Crystals



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