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Improve Air Quality in Your Home the Natural Way
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Improve Air Quality in Your Home the Natural Way

The air quality in your home affects your whole body, from your respiratory system to your skin. If you are not breathing in clean air, then you can become unwell. Improving air quality naturally wills not just improve the smell of your home, but also help with your general wellbeing. Just as a fish cannot thrive in dirty water, we cannot flourish in air that isn’t good to breathe.

How does air quality affect our health?

If there are contaminants in the air, such as cigarette smoke, strong paints, furnace smoke or household cleaning products, within a minute of breathing them in, our bodies can feel the difference. Air quality affects your health, and can be particularly harmful to people with asthma. You can develop headaches, and feel extremely tired, as your body struggles to pump blood around the body whilst filtering out the polluted air. You may also notice problems with your skin, such as dry patches and eczema. Long term exposure to bad air quality can lead to more serious issues, such as respiratory disease. These are just some of the reasons why ensuring good indoor air quality matters.

What can I do about air quality in my home?

Effective Microorganisms, EM•1® can be used to help control bad odors in your home. This can be things such as chemicals, foods, garbage, fish and smoke. You can also use plenty of green house plants to help filter Carbon Dioxide in your home and enrich the oxygen. Try and keep the levels of humidity low in your home and this will improve air quality, and prevent strong odors from lingering. You should aim to have a humidity level of less than 50%. If it is any higher than this, then bacteria will flourish, causing illness.

Investigating more serious causes

Make sure that you have a Carbon Monoxide alarm fitted in your home, especially if you are using a furnace or gas to heat your house. It is an air pollutant that can cause some very serious health problems. Look out for mold in your home too, as that can really affect the quality of the air. If you do find any mold, make sure you use a professional to remove it, as certain types of mold can be toxic.

Improving the air quality in your home can improve your health and prevent any problems with allergies or breathing. You can do this, without the need for harsh chemicals, giving you naturally clean air.

Article contributed by Cass Wiley



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