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Using Far Infrared Therapy to Combat the Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields

Using Far Infrared Therapy to Combat the Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields

Nowadays it seems multiple studies are always coming out warning us against the health risks associated with popular foods, common household items, and lifestyle products. Usually these warnings are easy to heed, but what if the danger is so widespread it is simply impossible to avoid? The issue of electromagnetic fields (EMF) are one of those pervasive widespread dangers that are a part of daily life... and virtually impossible to avoid.

EMF Health Risks

Electromagnetic fields are created by the use of power lines, home wiring, airport radar, military technologies, energy grid substations and transformers, computers, appliances, and cell phones. While EMFs cannot be felt physically by most people, they have been purported to cause a multitude of unpleasant and life-altering side effects including miscarriages, birth defects, brain tumors, chronic fatigue, headaches, heart problems, nausea, forgetfulness or distraction, and even cancer. While many of these claims are as of yet unsubstantiated by scientific study, many experts attribute some degree of health risk to living and working in constant exposure to EMFs. Only time will tell what the extent of these health risks is but notable scientists are hypothesizing that serious long-term health concerns are very likely. It is even being speculated that in the future power line radiation from their electromagnetic fields will reach the same consumer danger level as asbestos and radon. The Environmental Protection agency (EPA) and World Health Organization (WHO) have been outspoken about the health risks of EMF radiation. Only time will tell how these features of modern life affect our health and the extend of the damage.

Minimizing the Health Risks with Far Infrared Therapy

Far infrared waves are the long thermal energy waves that we experience everyday as heat from the sun. Far infrared waves can also be used to protect against exposure to EMFs as well as treat a number of illnesses and improve overall health. In fact, far infrared therapy has been shown to:

  • Stimulate enzyme activities to release water and fat that is being stored in the body
  • Relieve nervous tension to allow the body to heal
  • Aid with metabolism and break down cellulite
  • Detox and cleanse the body- dissolving hidden toxins in the blood
  • Strengthen the cardiovascular system by increasing cardiac output
  • Boost the immune system by stimulating white blood cell production
  • Kill disease-causing bacteria and fungi
  • Fight off viruses and parasites when the body is compromised
  • Expand capillaries to increase blood flow and improve circulation

Far infrared therapy can take the form of far infrared saunas and heating pads, far infrared ceramics, far infrared fabrics, and far infrared appliances. EM ceramic jewelry is personal protective jewelry that uses far infrared ceramic material to minimize the effects of EMFs. EM ceramic jewelry is also stylish and fun to wear, providing a much more convenient and discrete way to utilize far infrared therapy and minimize the effects of electromagnetic fields the body. EM ceramic jewelry is the chemical-free alternative to increased blood circulation, remove toxins from muscles and internal organs, lowers blood pressure, and improves overall body function. Couple these pieces with regular exercise, a daily digestive cleanse, and plenty of water for an amazing complete health transformation.



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