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EM-1: Used on 5+ million acres worldwide.

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Boosting Your Immune System with EM-X Gold
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Boosting Your Immune System with EM-X Gold

What is EM-X Gold and Why Should You Be Drinking it?

EM-X Gold is more than just a health drink. Backed by medical practitioners, EM-X Gold is a fermented beverage that utilizes EM technology. However, unlike EM-1 and EM technology, EM-X Gold is the concentrated form of the metabolic products of EM·1, which means it contains zero microorganisms.

If you're someone who has a sensitive stomach, you may know that fermented juices and healthy beverages can be hard on the stomach. You'll be happy to know that this fermented beverage is known to be more gentle on the stomach, regardless of health condition or age.

EM-X Gold works to rebalance your body and provide you with the needed nutrients to live a healthier life.

EM-X Gold® contains highly active antioxidants as well as 40 vital minerals and bioactive substances that assist in the body's natural healing powers.

Our modern way of life is leading to a sharp increase in oxidants, which is why antioxidants are becoming more and more important in slowing down the aging process and age related illnesses.


The metabolites in EM-X Gold, neutralize free radicals and many elementary functions of the body are revitalized. Free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage cells, causing illness and aging.

EM-X Gold was developed by Prof. Dr Higa, and is the result of the careful fermentation process of various materials with EM-1. Fermentation is the natural process of microbes. The Metabolites produced from this process promote and regulate your immune system, and the several hundred beneficial components, cannot be obtained from diety resources. EM-X Gold

Benefits of EM-X Gold

EM-X Gold is made with four core ingredients that work to enhance your quality of life and provide you with long-lasting benefits that can improve your wellbeing and health in many different ways. The fermented drink contains highly active antioxidants, 40 vital minerals, and bioactive substances that aid our body’s natural healing powers.

The four core ingredients include:

Nigari is an extract of seawater and is commonly used in Chinese medicine. Nigari contains magnesium, sulfates, chlorides, and potassium. It is also said to have over 40 trace elements.

Yeast extract is a common source of Vitamin B complex. Nutritional yeasts contain trace minerals, chromium, manganese, copper, vanadium, molybdenum, and lithium.

Molasses contain healthy minerals and micronutrients. Each ingredient works to provide your body with much-needed nutrients, vitamins, and metabolites.

Coral Calcium is derived from coral and is rich in magnesium, sodium, and potassium.

This unique formula has proven to provide several long-term and short-term health benefits that individuals of all ages can benefit from.

Here are a few reasons to start drinking EM-X Gold today:


Joint pain and bone health
If you’re someone who suffers from ongoing joint pain, adding EM-X Gold into your diet can help alleviate some of these chronic pain symptoms. EM-X Gold contains metabolites that may help reduce the symptoms of inflammatory-related diseases and relieve unwanted inflammation. Coral Calcium and molasses both have vitamins and nutrients that help promote stronger bones. These ingredients are commonly used to help keep your bones strong and increase your bone density. Whether you're someone who suffers from chronic aches or pains or is just looking for a preventative solution, EM-X Gold can be a great place to start.


Ant-aging properties

EM-X Gold® neutralizes free radicals and stimulates your body's own antioxidant enzymes. One of the key ingredients in yeast is a source of a vitamin B complex. Vitamin B complex is known for promoting optimal cell growth within the body. Which can help improve skin tone, promote muscle tone, and keep your skin looking healthy and young.

Increased protection against infection
EM-X Gold also works to improve your overall gut health, which can help enhance your immunity and balance your body.


Strengthening your immune system is key to protecting your body against infections, unwanted antigens entering your body, or allergic reactions.

When your gut bacteria is out of balance, it can negatively impact your immune system and digestive system. EM-X Gold contains highly active antioxidants that work to protect your cells from free radicals.


Improves your acid/alkaline balance
Drinking EM-X Gold has proven to improve your body’s acid and alkaline balance. Which can help strengthen your immune system and reduce your risk of infections. It’s crucial to try to maintain a healthy acid/alkaline balance because if your body is too acidic, it will deplete its resources to try to regulate. When your body can maintain a balanced pH level without using its resources you may experience higher levels of energy, proper cell functioning, better bone health and cardiovascular health, and more.

Cancer-fighting properties


Our medical expert, Dr. Tanaka has treated several cancer patients with EM-X Gold. He explained how surgeons who operated on patients who had taken EM-X Gold came across largely encapsulated tumors that were much easier and safer to remove.

Patients with cancer who take EM-X Gold also experienced alleviated systems and were able to leave their homes and eat normally. This could be a direct result of the high concentration of antioxidants. These antioxidants help neutralize free radicals and stimulate our bodies ’ antioxidant enzymes.

MD. Yoshimi Tanaka

MD. Yoshimi Tanaka, a medical specialist for The Japan Neurosurgical Society and Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine, once treated his patients using only traditional medicines until he was introduced to EM-X Gold, while treating a patient with a serious lung infection.

Traditional medicines were not producing an effective result and his patient was facing a fatal prognosis. At the request of the family, MD Tanaka agreed to give his patient 2 teaspoons of EM-X Gold, 3 times a day.

After 4 days, X-ray pictures verified that the infection in the lungs had completely gone...

For MD. Tanaka, this was such an impressive result that he – a convinced and experienced practitioner of conventional medicine, began to engage with alternative healing methods, and started using EM-X Gold in therapy.



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