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EM-1: Used on 5+ million acres worldwide.

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Creating a Better Soil for Your Crops
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Creating a Better Soil for Your Crops

When useful microorganisms are cultivated in a symbiotic manner (EM-1) and applied to the soil, disease will not occur from "septic soil" that is prone to pathogens. If EM continues to be applied, it will become a "fermentation soil" that harmlessly assimilates all organic matter.

If the level of EM (Effective Microorganisms) are further increased, bacteria that fix photosynthesis and nitrogen in the soil, and microorganisms that solubilize inorganic nutrients, such as phosphorus, will increase, resulting in "fermentative synthetic soil".

When the microbial community in the soil gets to this level, shredding organic matter and spreading it over the ground is more effective than composting. 

The Impact of Effective Microorganism on the soil

Tests on farms where EM was applied showed that by the third crop planting in the same soil, EM made a statistically significant difference in crop performance compared to crops planted year on year in plots where chemical fertilizer was used. The EM plot grows vigorously where as the chemical plots don't grow well.

In agriculture, since the same soil is used for generations, the use of EM has a dramatic impact. Crops grown in plots where chemical fertilizer is used, decrease in performance over the years. Crops grown in plots where EM is used grow vigorously year in year out due to the cumulative effects of microorganisms that are progressing in the soil.  


Organic fertilizer can be created by simply spreading organic matter over the ground and spraying with EM. On farms, this is more effective than composting and removes the composting process that plagues organic farming. 

The application of EM together with harvest residue level organic matter dramatically increases the types and numbers of microorganisms in soil. EM-utilized soil is regularly ranked at the top of domestic and international contests on microbial diversity and density in organic farming.

For more information on soil conditioners, like EM 1, and their impact on your crop, visit contact us here. Teraganix provides industry leading solutions for your agricultural needs. We are the exclusive distributor in the US & Canada for Dr. Higa's EM-1 Effective Microorganisms, EM Bokashi, Pro EM-1 Probiotics, & EM Ceramics.



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