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Natural Soil Detoxification
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Natural Soil Detoxification

The Three Steps to Detoxifying Soil

While it may be tempting to try to replace toxic soil or relocate your plants to another area to grow, it is rarely an option and not your best bet. Soil can be reclaimed, toxicity can be reduced or eliminated, and your land will be the better for it. Whether you have faced environmental contamination or you are trying to reverse the effects of previously used pesticides and artificial fertilizers, by following three steps you can clear up contamination and make your crop growth even stronger than it was before.


  • Step One – Remove: Isolate the source of the contamination and make sure that it will not be a continued threat. This may involve changing the water source you use from contaminated well water to collected rainwater. Only proceed once you are confident that your soil will not be re-contaminated in the future.
  • Step Two – Reclaim: Generously apply activated charcoal to the contaminated area. Activated charcoal is a virtual panacea for absorbing and filtering out toxic chemicals. The charcoal will also encourage the growth of beneficial microbes; to further these efforts, apply EM-1 Microbial Inoculant soon after your charcoal application. Probiotic conditioners will help revive the soil microbes that make up your garden’s natural immune system.
  • Step Three – Rejuvenate: Continue using probiotic soil supplements to provide a natural combat force against further contamination and to re-introduce vital nutrients to your soul. You may also wish to purchase earthworms and beneficial nematodes to speed up your garden’s soil detoxification.



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