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What are “Helpful” Bacteria? And What Exactly do Probiotics Do?

What are “Helpful” Bacteria? And What Exactly do Probiotics Do?

The human body depends on probiotics, also know as helpful bacteria, friendly bacteria or beneficial bacteria, for a healthy intestinal tract. A vigorous digestive system is fundamental for good health as it directly influences the absorption of nutrients and conversion of food matter to energy. Likewise, a healthy intestinal tract promotes a strong immune system that efficiently wards off disease and illness. Essentially, your digestive health is the cornerstone of your entire body’s well-being.

As unpleasant as it my sound in our modern, antibiotic-driven age, the human body naturally contains trillions of bacteria, making up around one pound of your total body weight. And this is a GOOD thing. We depend on our intestinal bacteria to digest nutrients, produce important compounds like fatty acids as well as Vitamins B & K, and to create a hostile environment for unfriendly bacteria. In an ideal world, your intestines would contain approximately 80% of beneficial bacteria.

Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world and many people have half or even less than that. Modern-day challenges like poor diet, dehydration, chlorinated drinking water, antibiotic treated meats and popular medications all kill off some of the beneficial bacteria present in our bodies and create a hostile environment for the remaining population. Many naturally occurring probiotics also decline with age, compromising an aging body’s immune system. For this reason, it is important to take care of your digestive health by actively promoting a less hostile environment for these important helpful bacteria to flourish. After all, if they flourish, so will your health.

If you are just starting to address your digestive health, many doctors recommend starting with a probiotic cleanse like PRO EM•1® Daily Probiotic Cleanse. This treatment is a living liquid probiotic supplement featuring cutting edge EM Technology, making it easy to absorb, effective and yet gentle enough for daily use. It contains only all-natural, certified organic ingredients, features non-genetically modified, live (never freeze-dried) microorganisms, and has no preservatives, animal products, wheat or soy. PRO EM•1® not only supports a healthy digestive system, but it also promotes weight loss, improves nutrient absorption, removes toxins, and controls yeast build up which can lead to yeast infections. It is also helpful for individuals with irritable bowel syndrome and chronic digestive issues. You can complement the probiotic cleanse system with other high-quality digestive health products such as EM-X Gold.



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